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Most Popular Home DIY Projects - with Arin!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Did you catch Arin from @GarryBuilders on @CBCEdmonton? Here are her top DIY projects to do at home and tips on how to accomplish them! 

#1 DIY job people tackle is PAINT

  • Give yourself time to prepare walls properly. The quality of the end result has everything to do with the preparation

  • Tools: Premixed Spackle and small trowel; good quality applicators appropriate for your job (brushes and rollers), trays, painters tape and drop sheets. And of course paint Primer and Eggshell finish for walls, Semi-gloss for trim.  

  • Steps: Clean surfaces, fill in dents, scratches nail holes and shrinkage with spackle let it dry and repeat if necessary. Remove and clean coverplates from plugs and switches. Move furniture, mask off or cover floors, ceilings, trim

#2 Refresh Interior Wood Surfaces

  • Small scratches on cabinetry, floors and furniture can be repaired to keep them looking their best too. There are great stain pens polishes and repair kits available that can match the wood finish. Even a small amount of oil from rubbing a walnut into scratches is all it takes to disguise some scratches. Oiled hardwood floors are popular right now and can also be touched up easily.

#3 Maintain metal surfaces

  • Metal on metal surfaces will benefit from silicone lubricant spray. If you are noticing sticking or squeaking door hinges, roller catches and sliding tracks. Powdered graphite works for keyholes (even rubbing your key with a pencil will have the same effect).

#4 Maintain Outdoor Surfaces

  • Our climate is very hard on outdoor surfaces. Even pressure treated wood decks are not “no” maintenance. They should be swept clean regularly and periodically given a deeper cleaning. Wash with a cleaner that will remove mildew, wait until dry and then apply your stain. This is a good time to check if any boards are damaged and should be replaced. Composite products should be washed but never pressure washed. We can extend the life and appearance of concrete surfaces such as garage floors and driveways by sealing them after they are fully cured: clean, dry and seal. This can be repeated every few years depending on the type of product used.

#5 Water Management

  • Check to be sure your sump is operational. If you have to unseal the lid be sure to re-seal with silicone. In the summer consider an extension to take water further away from the house.

  • Visually inspect foundation walls from interior and exterior – look for signs of water damage, swollen drywall, damp carpet. Also check that settlement has not created negative slope toward your foundation walls.

  • Inspect eavestrough to be sure they are not plugged or leaking and downspouts are down and directing water away from house;

  • Keep debris out of window wells

#6 Mechanical Rooms

  • Familiarize yourself with the appliances and maintenance, find and read your owners manuals;

  • Clean and change filters in your furnace, humidifier and HRV regularly;

  • Keep the area clean and vacuumed;

#7 Attics and Roofs

  • If you aren’t comfortable hire professionals;

  • From a ladder check the attic access is insulated, has weather stripping and seals well;

  • Look for missing or damaged shingles on the roof

  • Look for signs of significant moisture like depressions and staining

#8 Windows and Doors:

  • Check weatherstripping and door sweeps and replace if necessary, they may wear out or become damaged over time. Make sure there is no debris in the way of casement or sliding windows

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