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Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing - with Katrina!

Did you just hear Katrina from White Doors Are A Bore on CBC Edmonton? She talked about cabinet refinishing in your kitchen or bathroom!

Make sure to check the supply list!

What to keep in mind before starting:

- Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Cabinetry refinishing is not a 1-2 day project, expect it to be 7 or more days.

- Consider starting small, like choosing one section such as; only lower cabinets, only upper cabinets, an island, or bathroom vanity.

- Having garage space or workshop is a must as there is lots of sanding involved. Also, having ample shelving or racking is a must for all doors and drawers plus a strong sturdy work table.

- Most homeowners don’t want the insides of the cabinets refinished. Just all doors, drawers, and exposed areas. We will focus on this and keep it simple.

-Have your workspace/workshop organized and ready.

1. Click remove all door hinges, do not remove hinge hardware from cabinets

- Remove all hinge and hardware from doors and number in the hinge hole. This is very important for exact placement for install

- Put all hinges, screws, and hardware in a bag.

- When complete put all doors and drawers in the workshop.

2. Cabinets

- Lay all drop sheets to protect flooding

- Fully sand all exposed areas; kick plates, all sides, door divider, and decorative upper area. You can use a palm sander or sand by hand, you may want to move the fridge and stove out for the sides.

- Full Mr. Clean wash, be sure all or any grease is removed.

3. Sealer Coats

- Tape off all wall areas close to cabinets

- Using brush cut in all areas and use a small roller to roll on sealer in a thin coat. 2 coats are optimal.

- Start on one side complete all exposed areas, when dry, start again.

- When the sealer coat is dry (approx 20-40 min), give all areas a light sand.

4. Melamine Paint

- Same process as sealer paint

- However 3-4 coats

- Let Dry!

5.Shop Work

- All door and drawers should have assigned shelving

- Worktable - Have your palm sander, sanders, sponges, and if you have a shop vac all set and ready!!

- Power sand all sides of the doors and drawers - don’t forget the actual sides using a lower speed on the sander as to not overhand and damage the wood.

- If your doors have a design or face corners use sanding sponges in these areas. Removing all shine and top. Coat is your goal.

- After all Cabinetry doors and drawers are sanded, a full shop clean is a must!! Full vacuum of all dust, wipe down all surfaces.

- Full Mr. Clean cabinetry wash, be sure all grease is removed.

6.Sealer Coat

- 2 coats per side on doors and drawers

- Start on any side, let dry 30 min and flip and do other side.

- After all, sides are sealed give all cabinetry a light smoothing sand.

7.Melamine Paint

- After all doors and drawers have been lightly sanded. Start on all Interior sides of doors and drawers.

- Up to 3 - 4 coats of Melamine. 1st coat complete all, 2nd coat complete all, etc.

- Let sit overnight Approx 12 hours

- If you have a fan, use it overnight.

- Flip all doors and drawers, repeat process

- Allow 14-16 hours set time before install.


-Install doors and drawers in order, starting at #1

-Touch up with melamine as needed

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