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DIY Flooring - with Lynn!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Did you listen to Lynn from Lynn Vaneck Contracting on CBC Edmonton? She gave tips and tricks for DIY flooring! 

Different types of flooring:

There are lots and of course, some are more appropriate for specific spaces ie: no one should have carpet in the kitchen!

-Laminate -Hardwood -Vinyl Plank (glue or click) -Linoleum  -Marmoleum -Carpet -Carpet tile -Cork -Bamboo -Rubber -Tiles  

What else should you consider when choosing flooring?

-The 4 things to mainly consider are; the look, the use, the install, and the budget.

-Consider the space you want flooring in, is there moisture present? -Are there a lot of windows in the room? This will make more movement as the sun comes in during different seasons and times of the day.  

-Do you want a tile, plank, or a solid look? (vinyl can be any shape and size now) -What direction will you be laying the flooring? -Do you want a floating floor (similar to laminate or vinyl) or glue down? -What type of subfloor do you have under the current flooring?  -Do you require an underlay?  

Supplies Needed:

It depends on what type of flooring you're installing, check to see the list of general supplies!

Dealing with substrate or subfloor properly:

-­Depending on the substrate you have, you will need different types of prep involved. -The subfloor can be concrete, wood, metal, and ceramic. -For instance, the wood substrate will require better plywood to be installed that is designed to have certain types of flooring installed on it.  -With concrete, you may need a leveling compound to ensure the floor is smooth and ready for flooring -All substrate should be tested for moisture  

Removing flooring:

-Make sure to first remove all the baseboards throughout the area you wish to install new flooring.

-If it's laminate or click-in vinyl you can start at one edge of the material, lift it up and it will bend up and unclick. 

Let's talk about carpets:

-If you are removing carpet you will want to cut it and the pad underneath into manageable pieces. I usually go with an arms width so it's easy to roll up and carry out of the house without damaging walls.  -Finally, you will need to ensure there are no staples or glue left on the floor.

Working with sheet goods that are glued down: - Removing sheet goods can be a bit more work depending on the material and the glue used.  -You may be able to install over it if it's in good shape. -You are allowed to install two layers of flooring, but by the third, it is best to remove all layers and start from scratch. -You may need to rent a mechanical scraper like an eddy or samurai.  -If you can remove it by hand, cut it into small strips as it will be easier to remove.  -Then you will have to scrape off all the old backing or glue.  -It's best to use a patching compound over old glue to ensure a proper bond with the new adhesive if any will be used.   Trends in Vinyl Flooring:

-Trend #1: Mixed Width Tiles -Trend #2: Wide Planks -Trend #3: Wood Look -Trend #4: Light Colours  

DIY Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

-After you prepare the floor surface so it's flat, even, and clean. Undercut all door jams where possible it will allow the flooring to slide under the jam for a nice tight fit and a better finish product. -Find the more prominent wall in the room (the longest wall) preferably an exterior wall. If that wall is straight and true you may go off it with a plank or laminate.  -If you have a tile shaped flooring to install you will need to square the room. You do that with 3 points to make an L. ( Remember Pythagorean Theorem.) -If the material you are installing is glued down you will spread the adhesive at this time.  -If the material is not glued down you may begin installing planks tight together in a random pattern. It is best to keep the joints as staggered as possible it will help with the strength of the floor.  -Follow all Manufacturing recommendations for spacing on the walls to ensure proper movement for planks. -Re-install the baseboards  

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