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Everyone knows about the storm we are collectively in, but why be bison? This is the tale about how and why this collective of strong, established companies came together.

There is a great Canadian story about cattle and bison. They react very differently when faced with a storm. Cattle group together and try to run from the storm and wind up getting the worst of it.

Bison, on the other hand, gather together, stand as one, face the storm, and run head-on into it. Sharing their collective strength and experience, they travel through the storm and reach clear skies. 

Holly Carmichael is the owner of TruWood Artisans, a local creator of heirloom quality furniture as well as a renowned storyteller. In the middle of the height of the Covid19 pandemic fears, Holly had a late-night epiphany: “We would be stronger together”. 

The next morning, Holly reached out to members of the Edmonton and area building and design community with an Instagram video-post encouraging them to all band together. Re-telling the cattle and bison story to illustrate, she pointed out that there was, in fact, a choice. They could choose to react to the current climate like bison - strong, together, and bonded as a unit. As the original moral of the story goes, the outcome would be less pain, get through the storm faster and safer by using strength in numbers. No one should face this alone.

Edmonton’s building and design community responded by saying they were in! And that’s how The Storm Bison was born. 

Now, more than ever, we are all finding solace in making our homes safer and more comfortable, a sanctuary for our families.

Together we created this platform to help people get what they need for their homes quickly and reliably with access to the trade partners that industry professionals use and trust. By organizing a directory that gives easy access to some of the top trades and services in the Edmonton and area building and design community, we have provided a "One Stop Shop” of peer-approved businesses to choose from. This takes the guesswork and research out of the equation if you are looking for almost anything home improvement! If you are comfortable with one of us, you can be comfortable with all of us.


The Storm Bison are here to face the storm and its aftermath with you!

“By choosing to support us now and in the coming many months, you will help our local economy, and that is extremely important to us all. You will also be helping to ensure we are still here in the aftermath of the largest storm any of us have ever seen. We are very grateful to the residents of Edmonton and all surrounding areas for your continued love and support.”

The Storm Bison

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