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Interior Decorating - with Lori!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Did you catch Lori from @FreshLookDesign on @CBCEdmonton? She talked about interior design tips for your home! Check her tips out below.

Importance of good interior design for a home:

-Interior Decorating makes a space function for the homeowners and is for their taste.  -Lori’s specialty is accessorizing a home, like putting the icing on a cake, it breathes new life into a space.  Key things to keep in mind when decorating a new home or buying new furniture:

-When decorating for a client that wants to purchase furniture, Lori always asks them questions about how they want to live in the room, what type of mood or style they like, do they have any children or pets, color preferences, is there any furniture they want to keep and what is their budget. It is also important to know what activities they will use the room for, for example playing games, watching television, reading, etc.  -After that Lori creates a space plan, so the room will function for the way they want to live in the room and the furniture will fit in it.  Time to choose and buy furniture:

-Choose the furniture, area rug, paint, window treatments, and the artwork and accessories for the room.  -If the client has children or pets, avoid hard to clean fabrics such as silk or velvet. Chenille would be a better choice. Polyester and polypropylenes have better water and stain resistance.  Tips for buying pillows for sofas:

-For pillows on a sofa, having them all the same, size is for a more modern look.  -For a traditional style, you could use a mix of square and lumbar (rectangular) pillows. 

Let’s talk about colours!:

-If you want your room to feel cozy and have high energy, choose warm colors (red, yellow, orange) as they appear to advance.  -If you want the room to feel larger and more soothing, use cool colors as they appear to recede (blue, purple, green).  -If you have a very neutral palette in your room, use texture and patterns to add more interest.   -When you're choosing patterns, use a combination of small, medium, and large patterns for the best results.  Working with small spaces:

-In a small space, you could use space-saving items such as tucking two ottomans or baskets under a sofa table and using taller furniture such as shelves to store any items you have.  -Some furniture items could have a dual purpose such as a wall bed/desk combination. 

Let's talk about pictures and paintings:

-Try not to hang your pictures too high.  -If a picture is going to be hung above a sofa table or sofa, the bottom of the picture should be hung 6 to 8 inches above it, so it doesn't look like it is floating in the air. -If it is not going to be relating to a furniture piece, the middle of the picture should be hung 57" to 60" above the floor. -Always leave breathing room on your walls. Not every wall in the room needs a picture, mirror, or wall hanging on it.  Secrets to a great gallery wall: 

-A modern gallery may consist of an odd number of the same sized pictures -More traditional gallery walls could include small mirrors, small and large artwork, framed quotes, etc. -A gallery wall could be layered on floating shelves or a picture ledge -When creating a gallery wall beside stairs, pictures should be placed in a stepped fashion closest to the stairs Decorating a shelf in a way that's harmonious and creates visual interest:

-If you are decorating a shelf, you should take everything off and group like things together.  -Then choose the type of look you are going for such as a beach theme.  -Always place your largest pieces first and then fill it in with smaller pieces -Use items of varying heights. You could use books under an item to make it look taller.  -Remember to place things in a triangular pattern.  -Incorporate items such as boxes, plants, vases, small artwork or photographs, decorative objects, and bowls.  -Stand back and see what it looks like every once in a while. 

Want to sell your home?:

-First, you want to identify what repairs and upgrades should be made to secure as much equity as possible when selling.  -Complete those fixes then-get on to pre-packing and depersonalizing  -Pre-pack any items smaller than a golf ball, and any clear glass items as they will not photograph well  -Create better flow, make sure that you're color consistent throughout the property.  How important is it for the staged home to look great in photos as opposed to in person?:

-Staging visually enhances the traffic flow, sightlines, spaciousness, and value of the property.  -97% of people initially search for homes online, rifling through hundreds of listings. Excellent photos are a must! -The house has to feel good walking through too, which is why good staging is so important.  -Staging creates the wow factor for the property as it will be competing with all the same types of houses in the price range.  What should people ask potential stagers for their home?:

-Check they have a certification for staging -That they carry business insurance and a license -Ask to see their portfolio. 

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